Sarah J Curtis "Looking Fabulous"

Sarah J Curtis "Looking Fabulous"


Why we love this piece

Absolutely love a beautiful hat all year round. This one is a showstopper! 

Product Description 

Our Looking Fabulous Panama hat is a SJC exculsive, handwoven from a slightly thicker natural straw and finished with a very pretty soft blue grosgrain ribbon that gracefully falls either side. A lovely alternative to those wanting a wide brim without their hat looking too much. A stylish combination that promises to instantly elevate your summer look whilst really protect you from the sun. Perfect for everyday use for those whom like to be very sun smart, great for Spring Racing Carnival and Polo or great for beach holidays or a lovely catch up with friends.

Custom made with a 14-15cm brim, My Favourite Panama hat offers enduring style and chic sun smart versatility.

Each Panama hat is beautifully crafted by local Artisans living in the Andes of Ecuador using eithical and sustainable techniques. This Panama hat in particular takes approximately 15 weeks to weave by hand and the same Artisan who starts weaving your hat will always finish it so the weave is always perfectly uniform. 


Panama Hat

14-15cm brim

Natural straw

Soft blue grosgrain ribbon

Pinch crown

Handwoven in Ecuador