La Fontelina Days Part II

La Fontelina Days Part II


Why We Love This 

We aren't going to Europe anytime soon, so why not transport ourselves to fabulous places in the comfort of our own home.  BSx

Product Description 

La Fontelina Days Part II 

Francesca Owen is a Gold Coast based photographic artist who specialises in underwater photography. Her passion for the water started as a Synchronised Swimmer at the age of 8, following on to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Her Bachelor of Photojournalism enabled her to combine two of her passions, water and photography which took her beneath the surface. She enjoys capturing the magic that unfolds underwater, and lures her audience in through the elegance and movement of the human body.


Framed artworks available for PICK-UP ONLY.  Alternatively there will be a 2-3 week turnaround to have custom orders sent out. 

Framed with a 600x760mm ELM frame mounted and clear glass.