Mavi Lindsay Skirt
Mavi Lindsay Skirt
Mavi Lindsay Skirt
Mavi Lindsay Skirt

Mavi Lindsay Skirt


Why we love this piece

Gorgeous denim skirt as a great alternative to shorts this summer. Size up for extra comfort. Bx 

Product Description

A tailored, slim fit denim mini skirt. Made from a 100% cotton denim for a structured fit.

Fabrication: 100% Cotton 

Where Does it fit in my Wardrobe

Pair back with Reagan T and walnut Sneakers

 How to wash Properly

  • Wash your Mavis with like coloured items, as the dark wash may bleed into lighter items.
  • Turn your Mavis inside out to preserve their colour and finish.
  • Use a gentle cycle with cold water on your washing machine.
  • Add a gentle detergent such as soap flakes. Bleach and fabric softeners should never be used.
  • When the machine is full, add your Mavis to the soap/water mixture and run a full cycle.
  • To dry, roll your Mavis in a plush towel to remove excess water. Lay flat or hang to air dry.
  • We do not recommend using a dryer, as the tumbling action causes shrinkage, while the heat will break down fibres, especially any added for stretch. If a dryer is necessary, use a low heat cycle for as little time as possible.